Stop and search training

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This is what Shipman Youth Zone in Newham said about the workshop we delivered in August 8, 2013:

"The partcipants forund the workshop very informative and became more aware of their rights when being stop and searched by the police. This was further enhanced by the role-play activity as many felt that seeing a stop-and-search being played out helped them put their knowledge into practise.

"The workshop didn't just assist the participants in knowing their rights, it showed thme the powers and rights the police officers and PCSOs have [which] helped change their perspectives on stop and search, although they felt it can discriminate against a particular ethnic group.

"Over we feel the workshop was an overwhelming success. Both the workers and young people at SHipman Youth Zone would like to send a huge thank you to the lawyers who donated their time to come along and carry out the workshop."

This is what Giovanni Dini from Envision had to say about a workshop SSLP delivered for Envision at Westminster Hall in November 2012:

"SSLP held a workshop at an Envision event on November 13, 2012. The workshop was excellent at engaging students they had never met before, to act out different roles and both enjoy themselves and become better informed on an issue which effects their daily lives.

The young people who took part came out of the workshop with a working knowledge of their rights regarding stop and search and how to best handle this scenario.

They were encouraged to defend their rights while remaining polite and constructive, and I felt the SSLP facilitators struck an excellent balance in this regard. In addition, the students fed back to Envision that they enjoyed themselves and found the SSLP lawyers engaging, fun and informative.

Finally, SSLP completely hit the objectives we asked them to in delivering their workshop at our event: These were to engage young people with both a useful skill – in this case knowing how to communicate with police in a stop and search scenario – and an important issue, and to do this through an interactive and well constructed workshop.

At Envision we are pleased to have a working relationship with SSLP and look forward to future workshops by them for our students.

SSLP's Stop and Search Workshop is designed for young people and discusses the law in relation to police stop and search powers and practical tips on how to cope in a stop and search situation."


Students present the case against stop-and-search at one of our SSLP workshops (Nov 2012)


The judges for the day rule on whether stop-and-search is a force for good or not


 Students build a case to defend and challenge the use of stop-and-search

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Workshop information

The full workshop is comprised of the following:

Presentation: we go through the law in a short interactive powerpoint presentation, encouraging the sharing of views and experiences as we go along.

Play:  teachers and students together perform a short play (script provided) bringing to life the law and the consequences of different approaches to being stopped and searched.

'You Be The Judge':  the whole group is invited to participate in a Court room drama about the pros and cons of stop and search. We appoint students to be barristers, solicitors and judges in the process and facilitate them working together with us and one another to produce and present arguments and to come to a decision and deliver a judgment.

Workshops are conducted by lawyers and professionals who work in the criminal justice field in London. We regularly represent young people in difficult circumstances and understand the issues they face.

The Workshop is designed for groups of 15 - 30 students but we are happy to discuss requirements for smaller or larger groups.