What we do

The aims of SSLP are:

  1. To educate and empower the people of London about the law, focused on but not limited to, the law in relation to the police’s ‘stop and search’ powers.

  2. To end the use of racial profiling by the police in the use of their stop and search powers.

  3. To reduce the harm done to community relations by the excessive use of stop and search powers, in particular on young black men.

  4. To increase familiarity with and knowledge of the legal profession and justice system to as broad a range of people as possible – we don’t believe we should all be subject to a justice system that only a few of us are familiar with.


SSLP workshop November 2012: Jay Bunyan.

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Public meeting summer 2012

Stop & Search Legal Project & Stop Criminalising Hackney Youth hosted a public meeting to discuss Policing one year on fom the riots.




Photos: Dean Ryan