Legal Advice

When dealing with the police we suggest you always have a witness or communicate via email so you can corroborate what was said.


In particular, if you are arrested you should ALWAYS ask for a solicitor and refuse to speak - other than confirm your name and address as required by law - until you have spoken to one.

SSLP recommends you keep the name and number of a 24-hr criminal defence solicitor in your mobile phone or wallet should the need arise. We have included a list here.


Equally, if you feel you have been mistreated in any way by the police we strongly advise you to make a complaint through the police online complaints page and subsequently only communicate with them via email so there is a record of everything that is said.

If you agree to a local resolution following a complaint you should always take a witness with you.


For further support and advice, groups such as the Newham Monitoring Project help members of the public pursue complaints against the police. We have included a guide on how to make a complaint here.

If the matter is serious you should contact a civil solicitor who specialises in complaints against the police and can sue them on your behalf. If this is the case you should collect as much evidence as you can including the name and number of any witnesses.

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