Across London there are a number of organisations, both local and national, campaigning to reduce and improve the use of stop-and-search. They focus on research into, and alternatives to, its use, the law and legal advocacy and street level education, monitoring and support. Many people may feel they do not have a direct connection with these groups, but they need the public and those directly affected by stop-and-search to share their knowledge, experiences and support to help make change a reality.

Here's a list of things those who have experienced stop-and-search can do to contribute towards the cause.

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A survey into the disproportionate stop-and-searching of black people for drug possession despite government statistics showing they are less likely to take them.

Recording young people's experiences of stop-and-search is essential to building up an accurate picture of its misuse and a body of evidence to challenge it by lobbying politicians directly and through the media.

Here's a list of organisations working towards changing and challenging stop-and-search for the better and who are happy for you to contact them directly if you need their help or advice.

Stopwatch – a national coalition of research, legal, support and campaign organisations that investigate the use of, and alternatives to, stop-and-search, raise awareness and provide legal support to those challenging its use through the courts.

Stop-and-talk – a campaign calling for the reduced use of stop-and-search among young people, for it to be based on intelligence and conducted in a respectful manner. Through its website young people can record their experiences of being stop-and-searched to help build the case against its use. It is also calling on police to give out receipts every time a search is carried out and for people to demand them after one has been carried out.

Stop Criminalising Hackney Youth – Set-up after the riots in 2011 in a bid to challenge the stereotyping and mistreatment of young people in Hackney. It also seeks to bring youths together to help make change themselves and to lobby Hackney Council to review the borough's policing strategy on young people.

Newham Monitoring Project – offers a complete educational, legal and support operation for victims of police racism in the borough of Newham including victims of mistreatment during stop-and-search. NMP continuously monitors. It also provides a 24hr emergency helpline for anyone needing support.

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