The law, your rights
and the facts

This project has been set up to educate and empower
the people of London about the use and misuse of stop and search

Who we are...

Stop & Search Legal Project (SSLP) is an education project run by a collective of volunteer lawyers. The Project aims to:

  1. Educate and empower the people of London about the law and in particular the law in relation to the police’s ‘stop and search’ powers;

  2. End the use of racial profiling by the police in the use of their ‘stop and search’ powers;

  3. Reduce the harm done to community relations by the excessive use of ‘stop and search’ powers, in particular on young black men;

  4. Increase the familiarity with and knowledge of the legal profession and justice system to as broad a range of people as possible – we don’t believe we should all be subject to a justice system that only a few of us are familiar with.


What we do...

In order to achieve the above aims, we offer:

  1. Free Stop & Search Training Sessions

  2. Demystifying Law Legal Experience Placements

Following the riots in 2011 a number of reports highlighted the negative impact racial profiling in stop and search has on young Londoners who grow up with this as part of their daily experience.

If you want to get involved with one of the programmes above contact us by clicking on the menu button above or take a look at one of the many other campaigns.



Latest News

Met announces London-only recruitment policy

SSLP's Ceclia Goodwin tells ITV News that the Met's announcement to only recruit London-based officers should, with time, help increase diversity and improve relations with young people and ethnic minorities.

Police Chief offers sound advice on stop & search

Haringey's Borough Commander Victor Olisa clears up any doubt on whether police can demand names and addresses or be filmed during a stop and search.